Customs broker

Over the last 2 decades, OSL Group has developed itself into a reliable partner for various clients, importing or exporting goods per oceanfreight, airfreight, roadtransport but also in railtransport.
To avoid fines and duty payments afterwards, it is essential that Customs formalities are always handled correctly. This is an expertise in which OSL Group excels.
As a specialized and AEO-F certified Customs broker with a long term experience, OSL Group handles the complete flow of daily Customs formalities with regard to the flow of goods. With our practical attitude, we strive for direct contact lines, quick response, personal involvement and a streamlined and automated interchange of information with clients as well the Dutch Customs Administration.

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Flexibility and the ability to adapt to project requirements are one of the major characteristics of our organisation.


We are aware of the importance of on-time deliveries and the pressure of meeting fabrication schedules, as well as the importance of accurate and up-to-date reporting.


Above all, understanding and meeting customer’s needs and requirements, however complex, combined with the supply of quality products, is paramount to OSL GROUP.